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Maintenance Window Troubleshooting Tip

I keep looking this up so thought I would clearly document it for myself and the rest of the interweb.

When troubleshooting Configuration Manager Maintenance Windows the runtime number in the ServiceWindowManager.log is in seconds

6600/60 = 110 minutes

(6600/60)/60 = 1.83 hours, Or 1 hour and 50 minutes


Quickly remove mapped connections

Just a quick tip to remove mapped connections with PowerShell and NET USE

To see your connections


Understanding and Troubleshooting Content Distribution in Microsoft Configuration Manager

While working a issues that required opening a case with Premier Support I was given a link to a great resource to use while troubleshooting distribution points and content distribution issues. If you do not know about it take moment to review and save it for when you need it.

Special thanks to Vinay Pamnani, Senior Support Escalation Engineer with Microsoft. He shared the link and has published several tools that are part of many Configuration Manager Administrators tool belt.